Blanket of Love

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Thank you my Father God for your
Blanket of Love you wrap around me.
It’s my security Blanket when
I’m hurt, scared or fearful.

You wrap your Blanket of Love
around me and hold me tight,
and I snuggle close in my
Daddy’s loving arms.

I am a little child again and my
Daddy’s Loving me. I feel that love
penetrating through my cold fears,
deep into my being melting away
my every care of hurt

After a while I can run into
life again knowing my Daddy’s
always there for me with His
arms open to me and His heart
filled with Love for me.

Thank you my Father God
for your love, your child
does love you so.

(May Spruell, 1989)

© 2017 by May Spruell All rights reserved

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