Comment Guidlines

Thoughts and comments are appreciated! To help keep things positive & in focus, comments should (be)

  • go easy on the Shameless Self Promotion

Borrowing from  WordPress : “Comments that contain links to your site within the body or otherwise encourage folks to visit your blog are a no-no. If you’d like to increase traffic to you blog, check out this page for tips.”

Pssst: Put your blog web address in the Gravatar — often the links found on the web to a given blog are actually links embedded in a Gravatar.

  • on topic
  • add in a positive way to the discussion or post
  • respectful of all, and ‘G’ rated, one that every member of the family could enjoy.

Countless wonderful blogs exist for the debate of God, religion, etc., …but this isn’t one of them. Alas the blog isn’t a democracy, and the decision of the king, errr judge, is final.

So happy commenting  🙂


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