The Last Song

frosted leaf

The last leaf sat quietly
waiting out the storm
pondering in her heart
what it is she failed to say

seems time slides quietly along,
hiding many things we wish to say
a word of encouragement, a breath of love
to someone now gone, to a child now grown

though we walk along this journey of time
our thoughts like raindrops
glide along a golden leaf
thoughts of others now gone
silently await the return of spring

so it is as time echos with a quiet ring
the passing of the storm, a leaf’s final song


think I’ll take a little nap said the leaf,
a new blade I see
 pressing gently through the ground
yes, a little nap for my time is come
and spring is here!

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© 2019 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

the Poison within the Soul

rattle snake

Leave the vipers alone
who troll the net with their snares,
who love not that which they pen
but the poison they hold within
delights in the coming bite.

© 2019 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

When the Moon Comes to Dance

When the hands have grown old
and eyes quite dim
true love’s fire shall never age
for the glow within
is as eternal as the moon’s reflection
dancing along the water’s edge

Happy Valentines Day!
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The Things We do

Along this earth we walked a magical path
be it ever so briefly, until fate would chance by
a foot in the mouth, and alas, the red card came right out

you know, the one that says
sweetie, you are so done)

© 2019 by James Spruell. All rights reserved

The Wolf Within

the wolf

If you should find a wolf inside
howling with madness in the wind
remember that his twin,
also resides within

if one should growl and bare his teeth
find the brother, that you must
warm and friendly,
in his heart love grows deep
feed the one with a smile,
but let the other sleep

Two wolves battle within each boy
one small and filled with lies,
the other born of a gentle soul
the difference in who prevails
rests not in size or bite
but the one you feed, will win the fight

Inspired by the Cherokee legend of the two wolves…

Posted several years ago, reposted just for fun…
(The Wolf Within is from my book ‘When Shall the Butterfly Rest’
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When Without

She who was without in life
found thousands who now her adore
for in reaching out to others
became not barren, but of life
honored now in eternity
is our friend, Mother Teresa
now at peace, now at home

© 2019 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

Paradoxal Glory

paper cutter

The dreaded paper-cutter,
an airforce base with her nukes
the former banned, for safety’s sake

(strangely true; Photo attribution: Nathan nfm at the English Wikipedia; license here.

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Upon Wings

A lost child

Tattered wings, frayed edges
and broken hearts,
sail on wings of our God

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Within the Vow

Within the Vow

Residing within the marriage vow
exists life’s great paradox
the place where love and fire combine
and ignite an eternal flame

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