The Last Song

frosted leaf

The last leaf sat quietly
waiting out the storm
pondering in her heart
what it is she failed to say

seems time slides quietly along,
hiding many things we wish to say
a word of encouragement, a breath of love
to someone now gone, to a child now grown

though we walk along this journey of time
our thoughts like raindrops
glide along a golden leaf
thoughts of others now gone
silently await the return of spring

so it is as time echos with a quiet ring
the passing of the storm, a leaf’s final song


think I’ll take a little nap said the leaf,
a new blade I see
 pressing gently through the ground
yes, a little nap for my time is come
and spring is here!

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© 2019 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

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  1. Short but pensively written ! I love your writing style, hopefully you can check some of my stuff too and give me some thoughts. I’m looking forward to more of your posts !

  2. Very nice verse!


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