Lingering Shadows

Lingering Shadows

Silent like a song that only one may hear
in the eerie night, hide the things I fear
a howl, a growl, a shadow near

fingers that linger upon a window rim
in summer storms and winter’s rains
lingering in shadows, hiding in the night

or is it just the rain coming down
creating life’s little frown
for in the distance, a speck I see
in the glimmer of the sun

as the rainbow begins to speak,
her smile rests upon me now
and I remembered tis Halloween Eve

for the goblin you see
was a child playing a trick on me
reminding me it’s Halloween
and I forgot the treat

(Also previously posted… a long time ago! reposted
& updated for Halloween)

© 2018 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

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