A Snowflake’s Story

Softly the snow fell
on a cold winter day
to awaken within my soul
the pale flickering light
of a seed and spirit yet asleep

As the last snowflake
was set gently in place
I walked along empty streets
of shops long closed
on the night of Christmas Eve

When in an evening set
by the brightest of stars
I spied in the distance
the tell-tale glow
of a fire dancing in a barrel,
set against the whitest snow

An old man huddled by the fire,
with a blanket quite old,
his arms wrapped tight,
for it was very, very cold

Ever so quietly he stood
as if to say, you’re welcome here
come stand by my fire,
let it warm your soul

Later that night, toward a frosty morn
his hand reached out
and with gentle touch,
took hold of mine,
hands tattered and worn

Then gazing in eyes so deep
on the night of Christmas Eve
he gave me the warmest hug
that I ever did receive

And in the twilight so very bright
the tears ran down my cheek
as I learned that I, not he
who’s love warm hearth
did ever need.

For in my heart I had decreed
that he, not I, was a beggar in need
but in the early dawn
of Christmas morn,
the stars ever so bright
testified that I, not he, had the greater need

With a humble heart now in tow
so much love that time had lost
was found again in silent stars
of a child laid in a manger,
born long ago.

As the last snowflake lingered
before dawn’s gentle light
a pale flicker of light awakened
the seed and spirit yet asleep

Ever so softly a snowflake fell
the story she would tell,
of the night of Christmas Eve

(Written some time ago, previously posted,
reposted for Christmas 🙂   )

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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