Lost – When Death Passes by

When light and dark are the same
and thoughts of horror
are all that remain
What is this endless abyss
in whose waters, I must wade?

When the soul is lost
and north becomes south
time stands silently at the door,
in whose empty vase
the endless pain I implore
to leave, to come no more

My eyes cannot find
the flowers lost of a friend
silent memories that her song,
hidden from sight, seem forever gone

though her song I cannot find
gentle reminders that life does not end
lay in the stars set gently in the night,
in the twinkling of starlight

silent memories speak of my friend
in time, shall be found, once again
her song hiding there, deeply missed
remain and wait, at heaven’s gate

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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  1. Beautiful words…


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