Poem 201:

The Room Remembered


With watchful eyes silently attending
the room remembered her guests that day
the hammer and steel of a nation to be laid
I remember said the room
sacred truths held by all, truths
written upon a parchment scroll.

in time storm clouds gathered
wars would emerge, with great regret
claimed the lives of many who had met
years continued, years of toll,
hammered out rules to live by, rules of law
to guide a nation that was yet.

though in silence to remain,
until time fades from view
I remember, said the room
that day now long past, the day
the Declaration of Independence
was signed within these walls.

Standing amidst hollowed walls
their assemblies gathered there
of a nation to be, of time that was yet
a time when the liberty in men’s hearts
was set upon a scroll

(… Inspired by a 2014 devotional by Stan Ellsworth).

© 2015 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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