Poem 182:

Lady Liberty


Within Lady Liberty burns an eternal truth,
a solemn truth against which tyrants
in night’s darkness shall ever rage
for in their blindness is the light
they can neither comprehend
nor prevail.

the light she holds, is born in not just one
but in all her children
born this day and in days to come,
the present forged in days now past
a virtue held oh so dear.

and should night arise
before the work is done,
she holds the torch to mark the way
a guiding light to all that come
saying quietly, here, here you may stay
to find the freedom you hold so dear.

Within the Lady is truth eternal
a solemn dignity
embraced by all her children, past and present,
of which the tyrant
can neither understand nor prevail
it is the light a despot cannot see.

(…just a thought on the upcoming 4th)

© 2015 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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