Poem 123:

Fountain Reflection

Rise Again from the Fall


Woven in the fabric of time
awaits the measure of our birth
of those that fall, some that crawl
a lonely mountain path, or storms that pass

The knowledge they seek,
is to find the measure of the soul
to remove from sight,
the awful struggles clothed in night

In that twilight abyss
seems so dark its easy to miss
that while all do fall, the gardener lays
but one measure to the day

The rod by which he prunes
is the faith to get up,
yet continue to fall
to rise again from the fall

And though we ponder anew
why a loving father
does not extend a helping hand,
when we ever so often fall

His hand is there to find
it’s just that in this estate
he trusts you more than you
and gave you strength to rise from the fall

He too once walked the earth
knows what it is to fail,
to stumble in the night
yet rise again by morning light

Each is the measure of the eternity
that lies just behind the wall

While all shall stumble
the measure of an endless state
stands waiting there, for each to rise
the anointed to walk through her gate

He trusts you more than you
and knows you will rise from the fall
now his hand you may fully take his hand
arise to an eternal state.

© 2012 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Poem (updated) originally posted in my old site: utahwhispers

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