Poem 196:


the Grassy Shore


I met a smile today
as I walked along the grassy shore
that chased away the shadows
from the heart, and brightened the path
I had chosen to explore

Some ways down, in the distance
hidden in a face that was yet
a growl was lurking, waiting
to steal the sunlit ray
found in the beauty of the bay

I would not be deterred
and continued the walk,
determined when I met the growl,
I’d share the smile that I met today
along the grassy shore

And to my surprise
the growl began to glow
and that awful face, that gnarly face
shed its haze to reveal to my surprise
was my own, worn this morning, along the bay

the wonder of the smile met today
exchanged dark snarls
for those of a sunlit bay

(Author’s note: this was a cousin of Poem 195
written at the same time)

© 2015 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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