Poem 134:

Amidst Sand & Waves


Washed in the morning tide
a beach awaits her many guests
tiny footprints wandering to and fro
along the water’s edge.

just a stranger passing by,
or a child seeking a treasure most rare
a shell or pebble that life might share.

Set in tiny footprints
beside the silent waves,
each has a prize they seek,
the wind and waves to dodge.

Written upon the sand
bound in these prints
is the record of a guest,
a chronicle of the soul.


Later waves begin again
erase the sand with gentle glide
to await imprints of someone new
the child, a crab, we know not who.

Each day before the morning tide
is the place
where pebbles and shells talk
in quiet solitude, a beach to walk.

Each in innocence do hide
the day’s sunset, a morrow sunrise.

Tiny footprints in the sand
await the morning tide
to discover again a daily fare,
what it is, the waves do bare.


Moonlit waves now wash with gentle sweep
erase from view the record they keep
to await someone new, the tiny footprints,
sands now hide.

The wonders these tiny prints do veil
record the tale of a wandering soul
impressions of life’s many guests
just passing by.

© 2012 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Poem (updated) originally posted in my old site: utahwhispers

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