Poem 116:

Autumn Crest

Autumn’s Crest


Raindrops falling from the sky
count moments of time gone by
sometimes by gentle rush
or perhaps a torrid flush
wash away the day’s tears,
and many youthful fears

In autumns breath
raindrops drifting from the sky
glide upon a golden leaf
touch the ground, there to lie

In winters chest
rain hides in her cocoon
to emerge at a later date
as the very first snowflake

In the spring and summer cast
the ground renews her yearly quest
snowflakes fade from the eye
like leaves floating across the sky

Now in dreams they rest
gentle flakes in the sky

Change awaits in autumn’s breath
for the snowflake in the sky
her time is short, quickly spent
in this, the firmament

Await a summer fair, an autumn crest
to emerge again in winter’s chest
in eternal storm, hard and cold
lace the field, oh, the frosty morn

The days gone by, gentle flakes in my eye
reminds us of memories rambling by
these raindrops dripping from the sky
are but the canvas of the eye

© 2012 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Poem (updated) originally posted in my old site: utahwhispers

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  1. I have missed your entries as I tackle well-being. I will enjoy catching up. Blessings on your day. Belinda

    • I do hope your health is improving! And thank you for your kind words 🙂

      • My friend, I enjoyed myself immensely reading your work. My being has a mind of its own currently and I listen to its dictates, but when those moments come and I can be here, I am truly thankful. I wonder, do you have a personal favorite that I may re-blog on your behalf for any of my friends that as yet, have not made your acquaintance, please let me know. Smiles

      • Thank you, again. You are welcome to reblog any poem that you wish although a couple of my favorites are
        Poem 148: The Lost Grain of Sand
        Poem 151: Flowers

        Take care, JS

      • Thanks for letting me know. In re-blogging friends work, I like to enter the works they hold dear, now I know. Have a great day!

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