Poem 139:


Secrets of a Desert Trail


What secrets hold a desert path
that wanders the ancient sea?

Should a traveler cross these rugged trails
where mountain lions come to play
walk beyond her solitary cliffs
down the steep cravats, to a valley set below
softly whispered in a desert breeze
is an answer to their quest

My friend, this journey’s end
is simple, to return where you began
in God’s presence,  home again

The journey
for some was long, for others quite hard
but on coming home, what a story they tell
of mountain paths & wondrous days,
things learned along the trail

© 2013 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

     /  October 26, 2013

    Beautiful..an expressive moment in which we wander our journeys… your thoughts have
    captured and your fingers have penned….
    Take Care…You Matter…


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