Angels on High

Fountain Reflection

the poetry of a heart

So my little girl comes up to me to give me hugs and kisses at bed time and out of no where she turns and says to me, “daddy, i know why you’ve been having scary dreams. It because you need to pray more to have angels around you, especially at night time. I will start saying more prayers for you to have extra angels around you when you sleep cause i love you, daddy!”

Wow! Talk about catching you off guard! Extremely thankful for my little angel and her amazing insight. Amazing that a four year old could have such a huge heart and great advice for an old vet living with ptsd.

I love my children!

… Peter Spruell, Iraq Veteran

the “little girl” is my granddaughter & Peter my son

© 2013 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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  1. Ow, how sweet!

  2. Children are indeed angels…Bless her 🙂

    Love, Mehak


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