Poem 113: (3,4)

The Walnut Tree Repose

…Continued from Part I , Part II

What the walnut tree shall see
is but a mystery to you and me
Four hundred years of wind and chime
leaves that drift through time

Part III: The Duet

How did I do my friend,
the journey I did make?
Was there a child who hungered there
or someone alone, a hand to shake?

After a sigh, then pause
Well, yes you did
All that is certainly true, replied he
hmmm, but as a walnut tree
many sights and sounds these leaves do see

And while I’m pretty sure that your legacy,
is not the pot belly you seemed to grow,
but rather a seed, planted long ago

Walnut trees don’t say things like that
Yes, they do, this one is well, sassy!
He’s old, and earned it
OK… back to the story.

I gave you the walnut seed
when your time was young
today what you see
is a sapling in the spring
tomorrow in her shade
the blue jay will sing.

Her branch and bough shall bear
the weight of many who travel there
in time, a full measure she shall send
before her journey meets an end.

Part IV: The Reminisce

But for all I’ve seen the greatest gift?
the walnut seed, planted long ago

When my day and leaves are spent
the sapling my journey shall renew
in my place to stand, then restore
branch and shade to forest floor

But no, my friend, your travel here?
is a single strand, woven in a fabric
you now call time
a place that is at an end, that’s true
but your greatest gift you plotted long ago

Nourished in children now grown old
in eyes yet young, eyes to come
shall see the wisdom of a tree
the seed planted long ago

The forgotten tide of a journey
years that pass, the ebb and flow
some days the journey filled with trash
other days, the tide held quite a cache

But just as each began,
the tide shall wash earth again
a cycle to awaken each day anew
her journey shall never end

So my friend, what is true
for both walnut tree, me and you
the end of my walnut tree repose
…except for the seedling, I suppose!

the journey that shall never end!

© 2012 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Originally posted in my old site: utahwhispers

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  1. I love the hopeful ending that lets us know that the cycle of life will continue.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Thanks — your kind thoughts are very appreciated. This was one of the longer poems that I’ve written (parts 1-4), so a happy ending is a good thing!


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