Poem 103:

Of Potpourri, Mice, and Men


Part I: Beginnings

Each day in heaven, beyond her gate
gather the sun, the moon, and twilight star
Ares, Pisces, & Andromeda, all to wait
the poet and master to arrive
declare for each, a daily fate
and fill the valley with that alive

The earth, her fountains and morning ray
the gentle raindrops spray
paint deserts in golden hue
adorn the fields in morning dew

The eternal poet and master pen
declare the morning breeze, the song of the wren
from that beyond heaven’s gate
shall bring to life, ponder anew
the journey’s end, that eternal state
of fire, and ice, which will do?

Each day a journey quest,
of fire and ice, of mice and men
some still say, ice will yet suffice
others nay, let’s begin again

Upon this course quite true
each to his home must return,
my poet friend, adieu, adieu
of potpourri, spice and lace
whichever now again embrace


Part II: The Hearth

For in the home women do conspire
that men should face,
a much greater fire
of potpourri spice and lace,
all that women do embrace

If the world this day should end
men with courage the air will rend
in eternal halls, in song, in glory bask
yet sadly, quietly, if his lady should ask
of potpourri spice and lace
find each an Oxygen mask
sadly we know not what to embrace

Although dazed & confused we stare
the truth is surely, truly there
when potpourri and lace, their head do rear
the answer is simple, why yes, yes, my dear!

The sun shall sigh in quiet relief
the moon gather her tide upon a reef
another days’ journey to end
the morrow to yet attend
we all know who the master is,
who it is that will bend.

In morning halls and noon day sun
of potpourri, men and lace
we all do know what we embrace
the mighty poet, master of the pen
of fire and ice, mice and men,
each shall know his place
the moon, the sun and her stars
shall bow before the lady’s grace.

© 2012 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Originally posted in my old site: utahwhispers

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  1. Made me smile, and so well-stitched together.

  2. kdavisfanclub

     /  April 28, 2013

    Wow, thank you, I really enjoyed this.


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