Poem 138

the Hourglass


time begins her descent
like raindrops upon a leaf,
unlock the petals morning’s scent
allowing each to begin a daily ascent

the sun smiling upon the rose
the blossoms within she can not hide
as they reach for raindrops,
the stars in the sky

from a nightly sheath
she unrobes from trials set in night
knowing each will yield to morning rays
the blossoms in the sky, unlocking petals of the eye

© 2013 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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  1. kdavisfanclub

     /  April 28, 2013

    Magic! Like many mortals, I am obsessed with time and how fast it appears to be running away from me (I swear there is a ticking clock in my head). I have a particular facination with hourglasses, so – as a poet and keen advocate for poetry, to find a poem about one was a pleasant discovery. Well penned, thank you.

    • Thank you — think that I also maybe pay too much attention to time, but it is a fascinating topic.


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