Poem 111:

My Poet Friend, with Face Unknown


The wandering trail
through a forest was laid
a little branch snapped,
the small twig bent,
hidden among the leaves

The poet’s quest
of joys, sorrows and fears
marks a trail with crumbs
silent, quiet like the deer

Poetry is a must, musings she will trust
today to nibble upon a poet leaf
in a writer’s belief

Nibbles and crumbs
a ‘like’ here, a comment there
seem to appear, then disappear
of the trail marked so clear

A friend I’ve never known
of her path, the trail is plain
etched well upon the mind
in poetic leaf and lane

© 2012 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Originally posted in my old site: utahwhispers

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  1. etched well upon the mind
    in poetic leaf and lane


  2. very nicely done

  3. kdavisfanclub

     /  April 28, 2013

    I have empathy here, I am fairly new to this blogging/word press thingy and have seen a pattern of how people use the site with uninhibited ambition (and good luck to them) but that is not for me, I just want to write. I am, however, happy to have discovered other talented writers (poets in particular) through this fantastic outlet and grately appreciate some of their art. I will have to have a better read of some more of your material (I just read three at random to get a feel for your style) as I very much enjoyed what I read here. ‘Silver Streams’ was excellent. This piece really hit home with a notion I had regarding certain bloggers, well done. I wish you every success, sir. Keep writing!

    • Thanks! And yes, I’ve also seen that uninhibited ambition that you spoke of!

      Good luck on your writing and new site — looks like it has a good start!

  4. simply beautiful i like the wording it flows nicely much enjoyed
    i wish you all the best

  5. Ooh I like this. It speaks of how we can find blogging friendship just about anywhere on this internet highway. Very well put, sir.


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