Butterflies on the Wall


Butterflies residing on the wall
clothed in beauty quietly await
the day winds and time carry you home
from fields and travels
oh so far.

According to Lafcadio Hearn, a butterfly was seen
in Japan as the personification of a person’s soul;
whether they be living, dying, or already dead. One
Japanese superstition says that if a butterfly enters
your guest room and perches behind the bamboo screen,
the person whom you most love is coming to see you… from Wikipedia.

Picture is by Xü Xi [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


© 2018 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

A Personal Haiku

Sailing away

Splitting from evil
dark wounds slowly disappear
freedom found in new life

(Previously posted… a long time ago!
reposted because it’s a favorite)

© 2014 by Diane Thayer, All rights reserved

Tattered Wings

The Path

Tattered wings in the night
seeking refuge from the cold
float on winds, and wisps of dreams
searching for nectar to fill their soul,
a flower in the night

just sputtering along…
their dream embraced in a song
tattered wings of the heart
broken but oh so strong
seeking the nectar of the night

lodged between the stars and moon
I saw their wings take flight
tattered wings in the night
found the nectar
hidden in moonbeams
and flowers of the night

© 2018 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

Lingering Shadows

Lingering Shadows

Silent like a song that only one may hear
in the eerie night, hide the things I fear
a howl, a growl, a shadow near

fingers that linger upon a window rim
in summer storms and winter’s rains
lingering in shadows, hiding in the night

or is it just the rain coming down
creating life’s little frown
for in the distance, a speck I see
in the glimmer of the sun

as the rainbow begins to speak,
her smile rests upon me now
and I remembered tis Halloween Eve

for the goblin you see
was a child playing a trick on me
reminding me it’s Halloween
and I forgot the treat

(Also previously posted… a long time ago! reposted
& updated for Halloween)

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Free Poetry E-Book

Poets Heart Book Cover

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Just Puttering Along

Just a snail

Puttering along
hiding from the cold
of a brisk Autumn air
a snail creeps along
singing his little song

I don’t care if I’m just a snail
God loves me and sunbeams
warm my soul, sang the snail
as he puttered along

Though majestic as the mountains are
and roaring seas remind all of their might
or winds that howl through the night
though I am just a snail
I too belong, sang my friend
as he puttered along.

The story of the snail… just puttering along.
(Pic is by Jon Sullivan who has released it into the public domain)


© 2018 by James Spruell, All rights reserved

Wedding Chapels

Two roads diverged on I-15 South
the road to the left, on to her house,
the one going South, the road to Vegas,
led to a new life, the lights of Vegas
beckoned in the night

but without a prenup
there could have been a fight
a frantic call to the attorney could not make it right
No, he cried, you cannot do that tonight
No, no, not without a court fight

Two roads diverged in the night
we took one the to the left, on to her house
alas we had no prenup,
to end the fight!

wedding chapels beckoning in the night
without a prenup, wedding rings
would not be found, by morning light

(Previously posted… a long time ago!)

© 2014 by James Spruell & Diane Thayer, All rights reserved

the Sun Forgot to Shine

the sun forgot to shine today
and left such a dreary mess
but alas I did see
a beautiful rose, sitting
quietly at my side

the rose looked at me as if to say
why the grimace on thy face?
if you smile, the sun shall surely rise
and the dreary mess
will turn as night into day

and to my surprise the rose began to smile
and that awful look on my face,
changed to a soft, gentle glow
and the sun peeked out from where it hid
as if it also, wanted to say hello

© 2018 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Wings of Wax


With wings of wax
Icarus flew
on strands of an autumn air

But like moths drawn to the sun
Icarus learned
what Daedalus had ever warned him
not to do

Icarus, my friend
the wings you wear
are the morning frost

ever so beautiful to behold
but fade
oh so quickly in the sun

© 2018 by James Spruell. All rights reserved

Just for fun… and yes, there are a zillion
poems about Icarus (google it), and now there’s one more 🙂  

When the Heart has no Key


When the heart has no key
we live in shadows cast from within
and dream of things that are past,
of things we did not see

Yet patiently waiting
is a tiny seed,
buried so long ago,
a life hiding quietly within

until the day when spring thaws
rekindles the spirit residing within
a seed sprouting forth tender roots
renews its journey once again

in the misty morn
the song and melody
await but a time and place
for the warm embrace
to break the lock
that binds within

© 2018 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Drunk with Shame


Drunk with shame
they will bear
all the misery
they did share

With their armies
they came from afar
to dwell within
the abyss of the soul

And though their cry remains,
all the hate, all the fight
shall melt in morning light

© 2018 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Don’t blame Iggie, he’s just watching …

The Forest Path

The Forest Path

© 2018 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Shadows Adrift

Shadows Adrift

Shadows now adrift
lie upon a distant hill
with no more flowers to bestow,
the sun bows low

the day’s labor done
a journey cast in twilight view,
to home, each shall turn

but before the night
shares her madness true
each days treasure
clothed in golden hue
shall say with tender kiss,
I love you, but adieu

(Originally posted in 2012, now residing in my book
Creating an Extraordinary Life: The Poet’s Heart

© 2018 by James Spruell All rights reserved

A Snowflake’s Story

Softly the snow fell
on a cold winter day
to awaken within my soul
the pale flickering light
of a seed and spirit yet asleep

As the last snowflake
was set gently in place
I walked along empty streets
of shops long closed
on the night of Christmas Eve

When in an evening set
by the brightest of stars
I spied in the distance
the tell-tale glow
of a fire dancing in a barrel,
set against the whitest snow

An old man huddled by the fire,
with a blanket quite old,
his arms wrapped tight,
for it was very, very cold

Ever so quietly he stood
as if to say, you’re welcome here
come stand by my fire,
let it warm your soul

Later that night, toward a frosty morn
his hand reached out
and with gentle touch,
took hold of mine,
hands tattered and worn

Then gazing in eyes so deep
on the night of Christmas Eve
he gave me the warmest hug
that I ever did receive

And in the twilight so very bright
the tears ran down my cheek
as I learned that I, not he
who’s love warm hearth
did ever need.

For in my heart I had decreed
that he, not I, was a beggar in need
but in the early dawn
of Christmas morn,
the stars ever so bright
testified that I, not he, had the greater need

With a humble heart now in tow
so much love that time had lost
was found again in silent stars
of a child laid in a manger,
born long ago.

As the last snowflake lingered
before dawn’s gentle light
a pale flicker of light awakened
the seed and spirit yet asleep

Ever so softly a snowflake fell
the story she would tell,
of the night of Christmas Eve

(Written some time ago, previously posted,
reposted for Christmas 🙂   )

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

In the Night

the story of their soul
lies within the starry flight
words and fireflies dancing in the night

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

with Tender Touch

with tender touch
loves’ deep breath shall clothe with light,
a child hiding in the night

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Upon a Single Ray

The glance of a golden ray
banished the shadows
to which I submitted,
thorns of sorrow and fear,
folded away, hidden in crevices
waiting, silently waiting
planted in a day I did not see

Rooted firmly in the heart
silent thorns waited to steal
from the soul the joy within
had not the golden ray
broken the bow of that gnarly tree

Thorns of sorrow and fear
banished from the heart
remain in silence, fading,
fading into the golden ray

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

the Umpire’s Call!

while ever rambling along
the fun of writing poetry
is that little curve ball, waiting within

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Within the Smile

A child smiles now
with tears in his eye instruct him I must
first with love, then with trust
So he will have no dragons, no demons
in the night.

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Butterflies Just Passing By

Hiding in windows
known only to time
are ripples within the veil
life’s little roses that float our way,
then so quickly fade away,
butterflies saying hello,
but before the moon can rise
leave once more,
their journey to explore

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Lost – When Death Passes by

When light and dark are the same
and thoughts of horror
are all that remain
What is this endless abyss
in whose waters, I must wade?

When the soul is lost
and north becomes south
time stands silently at the door,
in whose empty vase
the endless pain I implore
to leave, to come no more

My eyes cannot find
the flowers lost of a friend
silent memories that her song,
hidden from sight, seem forever gone

though her song I cannot find
gentle reminders that life does not end
lay in the stars set gently in the night,
in the twinkling of starlight

silent memories speak of my friend
in time, shall be found, once again
her song hiding there, deeply missed
remain and wait, at heaven’s gate

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

the Silent Guardian

when petals close to mark the end of day
a silent guardian watches over the night
in utter quiet, dark repose

as petals sleep, coiled tightly in relief
the moon begins a nightly journey,
adorned in twilight’s golden glow

the nocturnal awaken
the owl with a hoot, ends her fast,
to begin the nightly hunt

until morning rays, when petals extend
awaken from night’s slumber
the sparrow and blue jay

the owl to sleep,
the silent guardian does rest
until the day’s journey has an end

the cycle then begins again,
her nightly repose

© 2017 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Perpetual Rose

The masquerading rose
within one’s soul
oh how thorns prick
and take their toll

The blooming petals
so temptingly sweet
fraudulently grown
placed at feet

Alas; Roots grow deep
within the ground
what once was there
will come around

Touch of velvet
soft essence treat
yet without the thorns
are not complete

© 2012 by Amy King All rights reserved

Originally posted in my old site: utahwhispers (Written by Amy King, my daughter, repost)

Ripples in the Stream

Ripples in the stream
will rise, only to fall
the butterflies of time

© 2016 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Forgotten in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

Forgotten in the woods
lies a cabin amidst the forest trees
hiding in the shadows
of another time, of days now spent

her home once decorated with cheer
her children banged her doors
and clamored with joy
but she was happy to have them
amidst the forest floor

time now affray
she waits for another day
when her children once again
remember her youth, of time spent together
in the cabin hiding in the woods.

© 2015 by James Spruell All rights reserved

Rocky Shores Redux

Cabo, the Rocky Shore

Until the oar rows against the tempus wave
and the heart walks a rocky shore,
who we are is but a mystery,
truths veiled within the soul

© 2015 by James Spruell All rights reserved

(just for fun, another version of Poem 209
…finding the  courage that lies within)

the Rocky Shore

Protected by an ancient sea
hidden truths held within the soul
lie upon the rocky shore

© 2015 by James Spruell All rights reserved